At SA NRG we are excited about growth and future partners in growth. The spirit of cooperation and the integrity of
all Franchiseeís are to be paramount and encouraged. Licence holders are expected to sign the company mission
statements, code of conduct and other branding statements. NRG respect individuality in the way that branches
are run, however they want to develop a culture of mutual support and collaboration. Personal ethic's and
personal integrity are highly valued and treasured.

Our core business areas of business are Residential Sales and letting, Commercial Sales and Letting
and complex management. Each branch has it’s unique character, however, should you wish to have a
"one-stop-shop", this group offers you all the support you need to develop to the property experts
in your area of business.

As a group we offer integrated systems, support and state-of-art online web presence. Head office
endeavors to at do everything to help any operator achieve their franchise and branding goals.
It is also part of our culture that operators support and encourage each other.

Key Points Regarding Franchises

Conduct & Values
The spirit of cooperation and the integrity of all parties are to be paramount in the wording, rather than “legaleze” and rigid structure.

Mission Statement, Code of Conduct and other Brand related statements to specially noted and counter signed as a annexure. The agreement requires an acknowledgement and commitment to support and implement the above for the benefit of the group. Though we respect the way that individual operators run their own business, we want to develop a sense of a corporate culture and a corporate band awareness.

Agents and Principals are still liable to uphold the EAAB code of conduct, practices and values.

Line of Business
Each franchise holder/licensees will be able to do residential and commercial, sales and rentals under one umbrella. Further, if you have the facilities you may also offer complex management. In fact it will be our business model to develop branches that have agents who specialize in both residential and commercial and property management (rentals, complex management, etc.). Future specialized courses and training will be done for commercial agents and how to do manage rentals and do complex management.

Auditing: Individual company’s Auditing and Tax Records to be kept up to date - goes to integrity of the company as whole / good corporate governance practices. Trust accounts and other Statuary requirements must be kept up to date. Head office will periodically do a branch audit to facilitate the brand awareness and strength. Copies of Financial Records are to be submitted for good governance practices only.

Financial Reporting: Merely for franchise group marketing and statistical purposes. There will be a monthly submission for financial reporting to head office. Accurate recording is encouraged, as the information will be come important in group marketing in the future.

Marketing & Branding
Marketing: Marketing is an open and transparent process and regular feedback is provided. The essence is joint decision making regarding group marketing.

Branding: Branding is a key element to a franchise and as such our licence holders are to follow the standards. However, branding is more than just paper look and feel. SA NRG believe that people are firstly identify with the agent as the brand and therefore the Agent must be a strong brand carrier. The NRG Brand is a people based interpersonal relationship based brand.

All public documents must follow the standards described in the CSI manual and the various templates created for operators. No Deviation on colour, fonts, etc ñ building a brand and brand awareness. Any various the standard documents, must be submitted to head office for approval and incorporation for the benefit of all. Again we encourage cooperation and sharing of information and resources


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