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SA National Realtors (NRG) established operations in November 2011. With their combined real estate and marketing experience since 1990, they love property and what propety represents : SECURITY and STABILITY for families and home owners.

It is the energy, enthusiasm and professionalism of the individual founders that have brought them together. Despite, their individual success, they all value the culture of supporting and working together, assisiting each other to achieve their highest potential both for their agents and for their clients. Respect for the clients and respect for the property transaction process underlies all their success. They have a history with their clients for being supportive and creating memorable experiences.

It is this culture of collaboration that also resonates to with their agents and they constantly strive to motivate and encourage their agents to achieve their highest potential and to deliver consistent service excellence to clients.

NRG is a brand dedicated to passion and belief in service and people. They encourage their agents to own their destiny and assist each other achieving growth.

At NRG, they are not only passionate about property, but about people and their agents. They are believers in the value and security that property adds to client's lives.

NRG agents and principals serve their clients with passion, professionalism and energy.


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